Ever since I became aware of the possibility of making money online, a fire was lit within me. I just became fascinated with the idea, that people could actually make money working online. The idea of having the flexibility to work my own schedule, as I watched video’s of those so-called guru’s with the fancy cars and their gorgeous upscale homes, made me imagine the endless possibilities of what could be. I then pictured myself, and I just knew that one day, I would get there. I knew that one day, I would have a successful online business. Of course that was over 20 years ago.

Fast forward to the present day: Here I am, a Triple Diamond Team Leader with SFI, the world’s largest affiliate program; I’ve started and maintained, my very own business blog, with the help of my good friend John Thornhill and his Partnership to Success training; and I’ve also been working on a couple of major projects that I hope to release soon, which should help elevate my online presence. While I am definitely not where I want to be, looking at everything that I’ve accomplished, I know for a fact, that I am that much closer to achieving the level of success that I first envisioned. But how did I manage to get to my current status??

Looking back at these past 20 years, I can tell you with certainty that it has not been easy! From going almost bankrupt, trying different products and services that did not work, to the lack of knowledge regarding this industry, to being ridiculed and laughed at; being told, that I am just wasting my time and money. I could go on and on with all of the hurdles and roadblocks that I’ve had to endure. But the one thing that kept me going, when most people probably would have quit, was “KNOWING” that sooner or later, I was going to have a successful online business.

While there are many books on the topic of the power of the mind (Which I won’t elaborate much, on), I
can say from experience, that, telling myself that I could do it, certainly played a major role in my current success. Having that vision and telling my mind that no matter what happens, I will have that successful online business, was a complete game changer for me.

There is a big difference between thinking that you can do something, and knowing that no matter what happens, you are going to accomplish it. You start to feel it, live it, and think about it all of the time. That, in turn, leads you to make the sometimes risky decisions that you ordinarily would not make. Which is exactly what happened to me. Early on, I took some huge financial risks, while trying to set up my online business; And because of my lack of knowledge, I was on the brink of bankruptcy. However, that did not deter me from moving forward. I took my losses as a learning curve, and continued to press on. That experience helped me as I KNEW, that one way or another I was going to make it happen.

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